In a modern world, we’re sometimes faced with an old-school mentality that evaluates a person’s work value on work experience alone.

Yet isn’t it possible that raising a child may actually help equip a person to parent a team?

Couldn’t the management of a serious illness sharpen project management skills like dealing with details, deadlines, prioritization and variables?

We actually think so.

To that end, we offer a Career Return program to support our belief in the value of both a person’s work experience AND life experience.

Because we value diversity, we are asking ourselves to intentionally value the diverse skills acquired in many contexts, not simply office ones, when it comes time to making hiring decisions, promotion decisions, and retention efforts – particularly for leadership and executive roles.

Because we aspire to be a place that enables human potential, we are holding ourselves accountable to see the whole person.

We invite you to challenge your workplaces to stand against a system wherein outside, life-changing experience feels barely valued. Or worse yet, invisible.

As part of a culture that celebrates diversity of experience, our Career Return program is a 12-week, paid program for talented professionals looking to refresh their careers and re-enter the workforce. 




Why I pressed pause: To travel, volunteer for international causes, take graduate courses and start a family. And unexpectedly— to recover from breast cancer.

What I gained: Perspective and adaptability. Switching gears and placing emphasis on achieving personal goals helped me return to the workplace with a clear head, refreshed and renewed. Recovering and regaining strength after four surgeries and cancer treatment without the stress of a full-time job made me stronger and able to adapt to whatever life or a job may throw my way. 


Why I pressed pause: A month after 9/11, I was laid off from my design job in NYC.

What I gained: Awareness that opportunities are always out there to shift focus and expand my knowledge. Becoming an Apple certified technician helped me break out into the IT world, then further into the academic IT landscape. It showed me that there is always potential to be great despite perceived setbacks. Most importantly, I gained confidence when interacting with and supporting CEOs and VIPs. 




Why I pressed pause: To give myself the time, flexibility, and emotional head space to be the primary caregiver for my son after he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

What I gained: Even though most of my time was spent focusing on my son, I also had some personal growth and development that I don't think I ever would have done if I hadn't taken that time off. I want to make sure I don't get too wrapped up in the business of being a working mom and not continue to prioritize my personal growth, because it makes me a better mom and employee to have those pieces as well. My time away has made me realize you've got to find the opportunity that exists around you and continue to explore that. It's a journey.

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We value diversity of experience. Meet a few who have taken time off at some point in their careers and gained invaluable life experiences.


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